What is the Ideal Team Structure for a Tech Start-up?

Putting together a team can help you hire exceptional employees.

Putting together a suitable start-up team for a new or emerging start-up is crucial. According to Statista, around 90% of start-ups fail, with 10% failing in the first year. The most common years for a business to fail are years two through five, with 70 percent of them falling into this group. Organizational design is one of the critical decisions that entrepreneurs frequently ignore and contribute to failure.

Who Should You Hire as Key Members? When Is It Appropriate to Hire Them? At what point in the process are you?

The Dreamer, a.k.a. Chief Executive Officer.

The CEO is the most crucial person in your start-up. The CEO is responsible for the company’s overarching strategy, vision, and culture. You can hire outsiders to help with these chores, but it’s more common for the company’s founders to do so. You should always start as the company’s CEO before hiring anyone else.

The Engineer is also known as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Someone on your team with a background in technology and development is essential to your start-up’s success. While freelance front-end and back-end engineers are available, employing someone on your team who controls this area might be helpful. If your team expands, this job may be divided into two positions.

It’s critical to have someone who can determine what will work best for your company and oversee the integration and administration of various systems, from hardware to software to mobile technology.

The Chief Sales Officer (CSO)

The Chief Sales Officer of your organization is in charge of the sales department, which guarantees that revenue and sales growth objectives are accomplished. This individual is in charge of sales, and their additional responsibilities include supervising all sales-related operations, such as analyzing, executing, and reporting on sales methods that will help your company grow.

Nevertheless, before you appoint a Chief Sales Officer, consider that the person you select must have experience in areas other than sales. The Chief Sales Officer must also be a smart businessperson who can navigate nuances inside the company to produce big outcomes for the bottom line.

The Chief Marketing Officer.

This team member will focus on your customers and how they view your product or service. You must hire a professional with exceptional marketing and promotional expertise to ensure that your concept reaches a wide audience.

Aim for a marketing manager who can handle everything. Until you can expand, they should be able to write copy, produce assets, build landing pages, run ad campaigns, and handle social media marketing.

To maintain excellent customer-business relations, they should communicate with your customers and function as an interim community manager.

In start-up jobs, building internal relationships and external links is a top priority.

If these jobs aren’t filled, your organization will be lacking in direction and effective leadership. 65 percent of all business failures are due to managerial issues. That is why it is vital to build your team from the bottom up and then expand as your resources allow.

When filling these jobs, it’s vital to consider your company’s goals and values. By specifying these, you may get better matches and narrow down the qualities and traits you’re searching for in employees.

Always look for people who can help you improve your leadership skills and adequately represent your brand when hiring.

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