Five Recruiting Obstacles in the Tech Industry

The days of recruiting by word-of-mouth and recommendations are long gone. Given the contemporary tech recruitment issues that organizations encounter, recruitment is no longer restricted to job descriptions and applications.

If you’re a tech recruiter, you’re not new to the difficulties of filling a tech opening. We highlighted five recruitment obstacles facing tech recruiters globally.

Shortage of Tech Talents

Because of the worldwide pandemic-induced digitalization boom, demand for computer jobs has nearly quadrupled in recent years (2020).

Due to fast digitalization, many new tech roles are becoming available, including Full-Stack Development, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Information Security, and so on.

As a result, the sector requires knowledgeable talents in one or more of these fields. However, there is a severe scarcity of people trained in these abilities. This has resulted in a large number of unfilled positions as well as a lack of qualified individuals.

Digitization at a Faster Pace Post-Covid

Covid boosted the demand for technology and, as a result, the difficulty of finding qualified candidates. Everything has moved online, from schools to offices, increasing the demand for digitization.

In some situations, the change was permanent. In 2021, many businesses continued to allow employees to work from home. Furthermore, internet payment options have also become the standard.

All of this has increased the demand for IT expertise across the board. After Covid, tech jobs are no longer restricted to IT enterprises. Every company today needs a technology department.

This implies that recruiters must identify the best IT talent while considering the company’s goals and culture.

Hybrid Workplace Culture Is Taking Off

Work-from-home is a lifesaver for many recruiters because they are no longer bound by geography. Talented individuals from tier 2 and tier 3 cities are rather easy to get by.

Simultaneously, thanks to remote work, current workers who have returned to their hometowns may continue working without interruption.

Recruiters are only now starting to investigate remote job options, and there are many unknowns. A company’s policies determine whether remote or hybrid work is allowed.

Recruiters, on the other hand, can miss out on prospects who require remote work.

Assessing the Candidate’s Ability

Recruiters face a difficult task in determining a candidate’s competence level. A certificate or test alone does not provide a complete picture of a candidate’s ability.

Additionally, recruiters want to know how quickly a candidate grasps the company’s needs and how quickly they can develop and progress.

It can be challenging to understand this with regular tests. Candidates hired by established hiring companies, on the other hand, frequently present potential recruiters with the projects they’ve worked on. This aids potential recruiters in determining their technical capability and adaptability to the company’s needs.

Choosing the Right Candidate vs. Swift Vacancy Filling

One of the most common tech recruiting problems is recruiters choosing between finding the greatest fit and filling the position quickly. Recruiters who are under time constraints and need to fill a position quickly often question whether they are picking the proper applicant. Lousy hiring is more costly to the firm than a vacancy.

The stakes are higher as the project grows in size. Recruiters must evaluate potential applicants’ criteria and expectations to avoid unfavorable situations later. Only by having open and honest interactions with the applicants can these be discovered.

How Can Prodevs Assist You?

Prodevs is a platform for IT recruiters across the globe. Our goal is to serve as a link between IT talent and companies.

Traditional tech-ed colleges are struggling to keep up with the industry’s rapid evolution, which is creating new obstacles in tech recruitment.

This is where Prodevs enters the picture. After a thorough screening process, we choose the top individuals and provide them with the resources they need to succeed in the field.

What happens if a tech talent doesn’t meet our standards?

Software engineers, designers, product managers, software testers, digital marketers, and project managers are among ProDevs’ curated list of African Talents. When a tech talent doesn’t meet your standard, we have a vetted pool and array of tech talents waiting to be screened. Hence, we’ll get another tech talent across to you as soon as possible.

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