Team Spotlight: Afe Onome — Nurturing Connections and Fostering Growth at ProDevs

At ProDevs, every team member contributes a unique brushstroke, painting a vibrant picture of collaboration, growth, and innovation.

Today, we step into the captivating narrative of Afe Onome, a seasoned Business Development Manager at ProDevs. Afe’s journey is more than a career path; it’s a fusion of passion, expertise, and a commitment to connecting talents with opportunities.

Join us as we unravel the layers of Afe’s inspiration to join ProDevs, the intricate dance of his role in business development, and the myriad experiences that define his impact on our dynamic team. This is not just an interview; it’s an exploration of the human side of professional success. Welcome to the extraordinary world of Afe Onome.

What inspired you to join ProDevs?

From the very beginning, it was the magnetic pull of ProDevs’ ethos that drew me in. The allure of a workplace founded on a healthy work culture, team bonding, and a mission to connect African talents with global opportunities resonated deeply with me. There’s a unique energy here — a collective commitment to transforming the landscape of career opportunities. I desired to be an integral part of a company that doesn’t just fill positions but bridges aspirations and dream jobs.

Could you tell us about your role at ProDevs and what it entails?

I’m a Business Development Manager at ProDevs and I work with the business team and we handle reaching out to clients and companies in need of tech talents, handle partnership and develop strategies for expanding ProDevs and our business model.

What do you enjoy most about working with tech talents and startups?

For startups, the joy lies in streamlining their journey to success. We’ve all heard the challenges startups face when it comes to hiring tech talent. It’s immensely rewarding to step in and be the solution. Witnessing startups seamlessly onboard tech talents who not only fit their roles but excel in them is a triumph.

And the added perk? Our unique offer to replace talents for free within a specified timeframe — an assurance that resonates with companies looking to optimize resources and keep their operations running smoothly. As for the tech talents, it’s the sheer delight of being the bridge that connects them with their dream jobs — the pivotal moment where aspirations meet opportunities.

Share a memorable experience or success story from your time at ProDevs.

Amidst a multitude of memorable experiences, one that stands out is our team bonding event. It was a chance to meet face-to-face with the incredible individuals I collaborate with — those who make the gears of ProDevs turn seamlessly. Connecting on a personal level, sharing laughs, and forging stronger bonds was not just fun but also an acknowledgment of the camaraderie that fuels our collective success.

How do you see the tech industry evolving in the coming years, and what role do you think ProDevs will play in that evolution?

The tech industry is likely to see continued advancements in AI, decentralized technologies, and sustainable practices. ProDevs could play a crucial role by connecting businesses with skilled professionals, facilitating innovation, and supporting companies in adapting to emerging trends. Their role may involve sourcing talent for evolving tech needs and fostering collaborations in a dynamic industry landscape.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to startups looking to scale their tech teams?

Prioritize a strong cultural fit when expanding your tech team. A cohesive culture fosters collaboration and adaptability, key factors in navigating the challenges of scaling. Additionally, invest in effective communication channels to maintain transparency and alignment as your team grows.

Can you share a bit about your background and how it contributes to your expertise in your current role?

Rooted in a legacy of business acumen, my background is shaped by a father who epitomizes entrepreneurship. Witnessing his joy in sealing deals and earning client trust fuelled my passion for business. Even during my university days, I dabbled in selling cars, a venture steeped in the principles of trust, good service, and meticulous research. This experience laid the groundwork for my role as a Business Development Manager at ProDevs. Now, my mission is to help clients secure the best talents and guide talents toward their dream jobs — an endeavour that merges my innate flair for business with a commitment to facilitating career aspirations.

What’s something unique or interesting about you that your colleagues might not know?

Hmmm. I know how to give good advice😅😅

As we wrap up Afe’s interview, it’s clear — ProDevs is more than a workplace; it’s a community of dream-weavers. Afe’s passion for linking talents to opportunities paints a vibrant picture of what ProDevs stands for — connections that go beyond the professional.

Afe, a Business Development Manager, embodies the commitment that makes ProDevs a hub for career evolution. It’s not just about finding talents; it’s about sculpting success stories.

ProDevs, in essence, is a place where careers and opportunities dance hand in hand. Here’s to Afe, the entire ProDevs family, and the tales yet to unfold. Keep the dreams alive, for at ProDevs, that’s where they truly connect🥂.





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