Should Developers Consider Personal Branding?

“Your brand is what people say about you when you aren’t in the room,” stated Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

Personal branding is frequently misunderstood as reflecting how you see yourself, but this is untrue. It’s all about how you’re seen by others.

Good day! In this article, we will discuss personal branding, why it matters to developers, and how you can start building your own personal brand.

People perceive and say about you through your personal brand, which comprises your unique skill sets, experiences, and personality traits.

A solid personal brand, as opposed to an introductory cover letter or resume, can boost your social presence, credibility, and reputation. A personal brand not only makes an impression on others but also helps you publicly express your beliefs, missions, visions, and goals.

What difference does it make?

Some may argue, “But I’m a software engineer; shouldn’t I just focus on honing my talents and expanding my portfolio?” Building a personal brand is such a waste of time.

Here are some of the reasons why it’s important;


“If you don’t exist online, you don’t exist at all,” Bill Gates said in 2019. He said this in the context of businesses to encourage them to start setting up online storefronts and using social media to better engage with their customers.

I believe this quote also applies to individuals. After all, a personal brand is similar to your firm, with you as the CEO and in charge of its development.


The most significant advantage of being visible is that possibilities will naturally come your way. Your internet reputation will make you more trustworthy than others who do not have an online presence. Because you are more well-known and respected, others are likelier to contact you and give you possibilities.

A personal brand not only allows you to receive additional possibilities but also allows you to establish your own. If you have a side project, you can use your brand to promote and exhibit it. If you wish to collaborate with a well-known developer, it will be easier to get a response if he or she has heard of you before.

With a personal brand, you can eventually transcend beyond your day job.

Participate in Community Activities.

As you develop your personal brand, you’ll interact and participate more frequently with your community. This can assist you in learning more quickly and thoroughly about issues that are important to you. You are actively reinforcing your learning by sharing your knowledge, participating in discussions, and consuming that of others. Active learning is more effective and long-lasting than passive reading alone.

Furthermore, if you do not have a personal brand, you will miss out on meeting many fantastic people online. The internet has made the world a smaller place. You are not a part of this highly linked world if you are not on the internet, and you will miss out on meeting amazing people and learning about new cultures.

How can we get started now that you’re convinced of the enormous value a personal brand can provide? Here are a few pointers;

1. Select a Medium

To begin with, consider what medium you want to employ to become more noticeable. A video medium would be ideal if you’re comfortable speaking in front of a camera and don’t mind video editing. Use networks like YouTube to start creating a following and being more discoverable.

If you only want to talk, an audio medium will suffice. Start a podcast about something you’re interested in and keep it going. You will eventually attract folks who are interested in hearing from you.

If you don’t want to speak, write instead. Another excellent option is to use a written medium.

2. Distribute Useful Info

Once you’ve decided on a medium, begin distributing valuable material. If your content is useful to them, they will follow you, subscribe to it, and read it.

Start with a specialized area in which you wish to be known. Why not create content about what you’re learning while learning it?

3. Use Social Media to your Advantage

This is the fuel you’ll need to propel your own brand forward. Your social media accounts will reflect who you are as a person. It’s your internet persona.

Start with channels where you know your target audience can be found, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Github, etc.

The first step is to create social media accounts. The next stage is to stay active on the platform regularly. Post, comment, and actively participate with the platform’s community. Share the work of other content providers. Make new relationships and expand your network. Eventually, you’ll become a valuable contributor to the community, and people will share your material and appreciate the value you provide.

It’s not easy to develop a personal brand. However, those who work hard and sincerely want to help others and give back to their communities are the ones who will be rewarded with big opportunities and accomplishments.

Finally, we’ll offer one piece of advice: get started immediately. It’s better to begin than never to begin. You may believe you aren’t ready yet and will make blunders. However, no one is ever completely prepared when they begin. Begin now.





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