Prodevs: What’s New?

Here are the new features we released at Prodevs over the previous quarter, in case you missed them. Our focus is on modest improvements that have a significant impact. Here’s to an improved hiring and management process!

Video Resume

A well-done video CV will showcase your personality and show off your creativity, enthusiasm, and drive. It could also help you stand out during the complex application procedure. Find out more about what to include, how to shoot, and the benefits and drawbacks of this strategy.

Video resumes are becoming increasingly common, albeit not for every position. Making your CV stand out is crucial since companies sometimes receive a deluge of applications for every open position. Career-savvy graduates are doing this, for example, by sending their CVs in video form.

You may use this if you have a smartphone with a good camera, but if you want it to seem professional, it’s preferable to use a competent DSLR camera. Additionally, you must check the audio quality because poor audio will cause companies to lose interest in your interview.

Use a variety of views and camera angles during filming to make the video engaging. Record as many takes as possible to offer yourself something to work with throughout the editing process, perhaps one of the most crucial phases of producing a spectacular video CV.

Things To Note While Creating Your Video:

  • Use your first name and not your full name
  • Talk about your Professional Background
  • Talk about Programming languages or concepts you are familiar with
  • Talk about your hobbies
  • Make sure to have a good background and that you are audible
  • Talk about why you will be an excellent addition to a company

Talent Management

At Prodevs Talent Management, every tech talent will be assigned to a Talent Manager/Team Lead.

Talent management is essentially investing in a firm’s most valuable resource: its employees. To do this, we seek people with highly sought-after skill sets while offering continual chances for learning and development and rewarding valuable team members by promoting them within the company.

Why Talent Management?

  • Employee reviews and check-ins with team leaders encourage talents to capitalize on their skills, which boosts engagement, lowers attrition, and enables employers to accomplish critical business goals.
  • Ongoing strengths-based coaching encourages talents to grow professionally and realize their full potential, which boosts productivity.
  • Retaining valuable talents and keeping them engaged is typically less expensive than finding and onboarding new employees.
  • Talented teams are more likely to create novel approaches to problem-solving and maximize technological developments.

How is the Talent Management Procedure Carried Out?

Finding the proper individuals, and assisting them in realizing and utilizing their skills so they can work and lead more effectively, are all parts of the talent management process. Employers who excel at it typically adhere to these guidelines:


Use the most effective approach, such as employee recommendations, social networks, job boards, etc., to find people from outside or within the company.


To lower the number of candidates and present an offer, use analysis tools, pre-screening questions, skills tests, and interviews.


Make learning and development materials available and pertinent to the needs and expectations of employees so they may do their jobs more successfully.


Identify possible retention concerns and retain top performers by using engagement technologies to keep teams engaged and motivated.

To make sure that everything is operating properly, we normally release features over time. We draw attention to features that may not yet be available to you since they are gradually being made available to more Insiders.


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