ProDevs is helping Organizations hire the best talents from Africa through its Pro-Explore feature

ProExplore is a newly launched feature of ProDevs that aims to connect hiring clients to the best candidates. Its focus is on helping clients hire the best technical talents (developers, designers, project managers, product managers, digital marketers, software testers, etc.) in the shortest possible timeframe.

ProExplore is a child of necessity because as the number of clients and projects grew, so did the number of talent in our talent pool. The imminent problem then became how do we easily discover the talents our client’s needs and how do we read in between the lines to know that talent is a good fit for an organization.

As a result, ProExplore was born into ProDevs.

We have given clients a tech talent report feature that provides more information about a talent’s profile, skills, experience, average time per employer and more. These reports were a hit with the clients. “Hey…can we utilize the search option as well?” they began to inquire.

Tools should be appropriate for their intended use. We followed a precise vision and work tirelessly to make it a reality. What’s the result? A feature that was created to solve the problem of “Discovery”.

For talents to rank better, they need to update their CV, Profile, take their technical test etc.

“Africa has a lot of talents and the ability to solve the problem of Discovery is key to unlocking the companies of tomorrow.”

William Nwogbo, Founder, ProDevs


ProExplore offers different types of tech talents on one platform — depending on the skill you’re looking for. All it takes is a keyword in the ProExplore navigation box. And voila! An array of experienced techies is listed out with their qualifications and experiences.

Saves Time

The value of time is immeasurable. ProExplore helps you save both.

ProExplore is all about saving you time and money — as well as anxiety — whether you’re a one-person team or a thousand-person team.

Reporting with depth

ProExplore saves you a lot of stress by putting all skills, technical tests, CV analysis and qualifications of tech talents on a single dashboard — With ProDevs, you can automatically access important information about tech talents in contrast to the role you’re hiring for.

What’s next?

ProExplore offers a better approach to hiring people.

Our intellectual skills tests assist you in identifying and hiring the top individuals for technical positions. Stop wasting hundreds of hours sifting through resumes and start looking for the abilities that count. We can hire new workers in as little as 1–3 weeks from the moment they apply, with high confidence and low turnover, eliminating redundant paperwork.

All of your applicants and pipelines will be in one location. It won’t take long for you to discover your technical talent.

We bring together a wonderful mix of backgrounds, abilities, and ways of thinking as a remote team. What’s the result? A small, joyful, and productive team dedicated to making beautiful, basic technical jobs available to all.

We endeavor to be flexible, efficient, and compassionate — in our work, with one another, and our customers. We embrace openness; our team members are talented at what they do, self-sufficient, and driven by a common aim of creating beautiful and simple technical tools.

We are adding more talents to the talent pool for easy discovery so you can search for an African Developer with Pro Explore.





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