Prodevs: 5,000 Talent’s Pool & 4 years of Matching Cutting-edge Businesses with the Strongest Tech Talents

Prodevs gained another milestone yesterday! We hit 5,000 talents!

Although we never expected it to be simple, we had no idea life would present us with the difficulties it has had during the past four years. Though it has been the most incredible, thrilling, and enjoyable four years we could have ever experienced, we wouldn’t reverse our decision to build Prodevs.

After a better-than-anticipated start, we were fortunate enough to double our size with our first hires, who added timely and required help in year one. Prodevs was founded in August 2018 by William Nwogbo, who started remote work one year earlier than others. The pandemic stalled the growth trajectory, but throughout the remote working and lockdowns, we made good use of our time by collaborating with Toggl to improve our hiring processes and organizational structures.

The mission of Prodevs, a specialized technical and technology recruitment service, is to connect cutting-edge businesses with the top software engineers, developers, product designers, product managers, and executive-level tech talent.

With a combined experience of over 50 years in the technical and technological fields, we set ourselves apart from other employment agencies, and our consultants have a unique understanding of the industry. You can always depend on us to be upfront, honest, and transparent. We provide an unmatched level of service whether you are looking for your next career move or hire.

What an incredible ride on a rollercoaster we’ve had since Prodevs launched. We would probably use the words intriguing, engaging, and enlightening to sum it up in three words. After working in recruitment for longer than we’d like to admit, we finally took the risk to go for it as a team, and starting this journey has been the height of excitement. To start and run things our way, to use the knowledge we have gained over the years to do things a bit differently, to put our clients and candidates at the core of what we do, and to never lose sight of their objectives and goals has been exhilarating.

The difficulties and intricate details of starting a business won’t surprise anyone, and we’ve consumed much coffee! Simultaneously, we committed to getting started immediately and have been thrilled to pair up some outstanding talents with equally fantastic organizations in the technical and technology space.

Prodevs is the hub of Tech recruitment, whether you’re seeking the most outstanding professionals in the industry or your next career opportunity. We believe you’ll find our platform straightforward to navigate because our platform is packed with information featuring the newest roles, blogs, and helpful tips. Remember to follow us on our social media platforms for the most recent opportunities and updates.

At Prodevs, we take pride in providing an accessible, transparent service. We look forward to developing a company that, above all, has integrity and is motivated by values while delivering a first-rate recruitment service to clients and candidates. According to our concept, the workplace must be enjoyable and exciting, where the team is respected and valued.

Cheers to our pool of over 5,000 talents. We look forward to getting you into the rooms and organizations you deserve.






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