Macpherson: Positively Contributing to Prodevs’ Credibility

Performance will soar when you put people first and then surround them with systems and practices that value their talents.

Prodevs has some impressive employees, from industry influencers to world-class designers, from analysts to software developers. The Employee Spotlight series aims to highlight the talented individuals who work here. Each month, we’ll feature an interview on the blog and our social accounts.

For this month’s Employee Spotlight, we spoke with Macpherson Chukwu. Macpherson is a Graphic Designer here at Prodevs, but he’s also a seasoned Photographer, and his brand, Wenebadustudios, is a beauty to behold.

We discussed working at Prodevs; read on for more.

Hello Macpherson! What do you do at Prodevs?

Well, as to what I do, hmmm… Well, I’m a Graphic Designer. I create on-brand graphics for Prodevs that range from brand identity to awareness and even marketing visuals.

When you’re working, how do you motivate yourself?

How do I stay motivated? As a Graphic Designer, the idea of creating resonates well with me, and the fact that my work positively contributes to how Prodevs is perceived by both clients and stakeholders keeps me motivated to not just deliver on tasks but also put my best foot forward.

What’s your favorite project at Prodevs? And why?

My favorite project has to be My Church Member, and this is because of two things. Firstly, I loved what the product is about and how impactful and helpful it can be to the Christian community. Secondly, I got to work closely with the founder, someone I revere, and even got a little insight into his thought process, which aided fluidity in the project and allowed room for the exploration of different solutions through typographical choices, layouts, colors, experimenting with various design elements, and much more.

What is it about you that people have no clue about?

Well, one thing that people don’t know about is that I’m kind of a perfectionist. This is one thing I struggle with a lot because it is one phenomenon in my life that is both good and bad. After all, I can work rigorously on a project. After stressing and researching, I would always end up in “this isn’t good enough junction,” which can sometimes make me delay a bit on a project, but the one good thing about this is that I always put out my best work!

What questions do you have for the Founder?

I have many questions for the founder, but the one that tops them all is what drives him.

We’ll make sure to ask William this question in due time 😃

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