How to Easily Hire a Tech Talent: Introducing our Gigs Feature

Africa has a glut of highly trained IT experts, and the number is growing as thousands of students graduate from the continent’s finest institutions and colleges. The continent’s pool of qualified IT specialists is growing all the time, ensuring a ready supply of tech talents anytime they are needed.

That time of need is here! And we are more than glad to introduce Prodevs gigs.

Are you a start-up? Or you require the services of a tech talent!

You’ve arrived at the right location! We can complete your tech projects in as little as three stages with Prodevs gigs.

Create a Gig
As a client, our gigs platform allows you to control the timely delivery of your projects. Create a gig with just a few clicks and simple steps to specify your project’s requirements, including milestones and deliverables. We try to be as thorough as possible regarding the details!

Choose a Tech Talent
Once your gig is live, sit back and watch as various people with varying degrees of expertise, skill sets, and language proficiency apply to work on your project. Choose which talent/talents best meet your needs and contact them as soon as possible to work.

However, if a talent is underperforming, such talent can be changed with just a few clicks.

Make your payment
Paying has never been easier or more stress-free than using our wallet system. All you have to do is pay into your profile wallet, where your funds will be kept safe until your gig is over. Once your project is completed, payment is delivered directly from your wallet to the talent!

If the client decides to withdraw his funds, full refunds will be made. However, bank charges, which are 1–3% of the transaction, will be deducted.

That’s all. Three easy steps will allow you to complete your IT and digital projects quickly and efficiently at no charge.






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