5 Reasons Why You Need an African Tech Talent for Your Next Project.

The African continent’s future development is dependent in great part on its capacity to develop the skills and abilities of its ever-increasing youth population.

Africa’s potential as a corporate growth market is undervalued and misunderstood, as is businesses’ ability to play a transformative role in addressing the continent’s most pressing issues.

Evaluate this scenario: How many African businesses have annual revenues of $1 billion or higher? We estimate there are less than a hundred, according to most worldwide executives and scholars. “Zero” is a typical response. What is the truth? There are over 400 of them, and they are, on average, both faster growing and more successful than their international counterparts.

People often conjure up images of extreme poverty, a lack of access to excellent health and education, and corruption. These issues, however, are not exclusive to Africa.

However, a typical African should not be assessed based on their surroundings, particularly in possessing the necessary abilities compared to international rivals.

If you need reasons why Africa’s share of undiscovered tech talents is worth pursuing, here they are:

Expanding Digital and Mobile Access

Between 2008 and 2015, Sub-Saharan Africa had the world’s fastest pace of new broadband connections, and mobile data traffic in Africa has grown sevenfold between 2017 and 2022. More than 120 million active mobile money accounts exist in Africa, accounting for more than half of the global total; this has allowed many consumers to bypass traditional banking products. By 2025, this trend might add $300 billion to the continent’s GDP by enabling businesses to increase efficiency, speed up transactions, and reach new markets.

English Speakers

Effective workplace communication is critical for conveying clear and confusing messages to co-workers, customers, and business partners. This is why organizations look for people who can communicate well. Thankfully, English, the lingua franca, is one of Africa’s most widely spoken languages, with countries such as South Africa, Nigeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, and Angola topping the list. When hiring an African techie, you won’t have to be concerned about a dearth of English speakers.

Remote Work Culture is Becoming More Prevalent.

More companies are deciding to recruit remotely to gain access to the best talent, regardless of location. From their current location, your African IT talent is already online and using communication platforms such as Slack, Trello, Google Apps, Skype, Zoom, Asana, and tracking systems such as Toptal.

Renewable Energy Supply is Available.

Even though most African countries lack access to electricity from local grids, countries such as Kenya and Nigeria generate electricity with low-cost solar panels to power smaller residences and personal electronics such as computers, phones, and Wi-Fi routers.

Unutilized Technical Talent Pool

Finally, it is difficult to dispute that Africa’s technology industry is growing, and software engineers are not excluded. There is currently an untapped pool of IT talent that needs to be discovered. Africa may have its economic and social difficulties, but because of the rise of the internet, it now has a burgeoning pool of untapped digital talent that may help diversify your workforce.

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